How to renovate a rented apartment?

You have rented a property and want to make some changes, right? Well, that might not be a good idea. In fact, there are a lot of requirements to make a renovation in a rented apartment and most of the time it’s very unlikely that you will make an improvement in something that is not ours, do you agree?

The fact is that when we move in, whether for renting or buying a property, what we most desire is to leave our corner with our face. Transforming the place through renovations and decoration is what everyone does.

However, doing any renovation in a rented place must obey some rules and is usually a discarded option. However, it remains for us to make simple changes, but that cause a good visual impact and, mainly, give a personality to the space.

What to do before deciding for a property?

Before the final decision for the rent of the apartment, make a conference and see what would need a renovation or repair. Leaks and wiring problems are expensive and should be carefully analyzed so that you don’t have to pay for the repairs afterwards.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, request repairs before closing the deal and, if necessary, commit to making them as long as the expenses are deducted from the rent. Protect yourself with photographs of the before and after location, so that everything is properly documented.

What improvements should be compensated by the owner?

The Tenancy Law says that improvements made to the rented property are divided into: necessary, useful and voluptuous. Know what each term means:

  • Necessary improvements: are reforms made for the conservation of the property and justified so that the tenant lives in good conditions.
  • useful improvements: these are useful changes, but they are not necessary.
  • Voluptuary improvements: these are improvements that only aim at the well-being of the tenant, leaving the place more pleasant.

The law obliges the owner to indemnify for the necessary improvements, even if the tenant has not previously authorized them. Useful ones will only be compensated if they are authorized in writing by the owner of the property. Voluptuaries, on the other hand, should not be indemnified and may be withdrawn, if necessary, at the end of the contract.

How do you decorate a rented apartment?

Faced with the difficulties of doing a renovation, decorating the environment with good taste and creativity is the most plausible option, which allows creating a harmonious and cozy space. Check out our decoration suggestions, which, in these cases, are worth a good remodeling!

Paint the walls or put wallpaper

Painting the walls or putting up wallpaper can change the look of an apartment – after all, there are many techniques and options of papers and panels that customize and make the space well decorated and charming.

You can use the option to paint one wall of one color and the others of another. This gives a personal and modern touch to the environment.

Decorate with screens and create special corners

Did you know that the screens came back with everything? True, especially in large spaces, where it is possible to divide them and create charming corners around the house. In addition, they are versatile in decoration and can create environments according to need.

Transform the kitchen with adhesives

Older apartments have tiles that, in some cases, have gone out of fashion. Our suggestion for this is to opt for decorative stickers for kitchen, this alternative can leave this space with a much more current face.

Today, it is possible to find in the market a great variety of adhesives of all kinds and for various decoration purposes. For the kitchen, there are adhesives that imitate hydraulic tiles, being possible to create mosaics for small areas or for entire walls.

Create a blackboard wall

For those who like modern and cool environments, painting a wall of the house with frosted black paint and drawing with chalk is a good idea. It makes the environment nice and relaxed, can be in the children’s bedroom, living room, kitchen or office.

Buy macaws as alternatives to closets

A large and spacious closet is a dream for many people, yet it is an impossible solution for a rented property – since they are tailor-made. This is where the macaws and wired items that help set up the decoration in a reserved space for the closet come in.

Make a garden at home and give an up in the decoration

Decorating the house by means of flowers is a good alternative to give life to the environment and make it more cozy. You can have at home a small garden, just choose a little corner that is left and ready: your residence will gain charm and joy.