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Decorating a house is not easy at all. Even when you are in a rented property, where you can’t make big interventions, making sure everything is in the right space is a challenge.

Finding the right layout, furniture or even lighting can seem so difficult that it becomes a real problem for those who want to leave the house with your face. If this is your problem, rest assured. We have prepared a text with some tips that will help you to leave everything with your face, and without spending too much.

Small and very tight house

Nowadays, apartments and even some houses are getting smaller and smaller. It is difficult to live comfortably and to assemble a good decoration with such a small space. Fortunately, there are some tactics that help to get around this situation, leaving your home with the feeling of being bigger than it really is. The first one is the organization of the area.

Accumulating a lot of things leaves that feeling that a small house is even smaller. So do some good cleaning, donating what can still be used or throwing away what is no longer fixed. Avoid leaving the rooms cluttered with furniture. Painting the walls with lighter colors illuminates the rooms and gives a greater sense of amplitude.

Finally, the use of mirrors helps to enlarge the environment, because they reflect the light and give that feeling that the room is much bigger. Here, you can put a full body mirror on the wall or add a square mirror on the table or behind the sofa.

Dull Room

Giving your room a more modern face doesn’t always have to be so expensive. Apart from the furniture, which is really the most expensive part, it is possible to change everything without having to spend so much.

You can start, for example, by putting custom covers on the sofas, to give them new life. Put a coffee table or reform yours, if you already have one. Painting the room with a more striking color helps to renew the atmosphere, as well as adding decorative items

Chaotic guest room

The guest room usually worries a lot of people, especially those who receive many visitors. After all, how to leave this really cozy environment spending little? To start with, you can reduce the furniture you leave there by just putting a bed and a bedside table. This is enough for the people you will host.

Using organizer boxes also helps to get rid of the mess, as well as organizing your closet, leaving boxes and other items so that you or your guests can leave their clothes. Finally, organize the bed so that it looks very comfortable and cozy, inviting you to sleep.

Dull walls

The wall of your house, especially your living room, is very dull and you don’t know what to do? Well, you can start the intervention by hanging some paintings. Putting also wallpaper on a single wall gives another atmosphere. If you want, you can also make a wall with photos and collages, giving life to your living room.

Floors or carpeting that can get angry

If you don’t like your floor, it doesn’t mean you have to carry on with it all the time. You can use a carpet to cover the floor. Or, if you are in a house of your own, you can risk laying rugs.

With these tips, you will decorate your home with your touch and without making any mistakes.