Decoration tips for your home

In addition to aesthetics, decoration can awaken feelings – making environments more welcoming, practical, and personalized. Thus, it has a direct impact on the quality of life of the people who live in the house or apartment. As there are several styles and ways to decorate the property and leave it with the residents’ style, it is interesting to read decoration tips, like the ones you will find here.

Understand the importance of planning the decoration of the apartment
Many people believe that thinking about home decoration is an unnecessary luxury, which only serves to impress visitors.

Increase functionality

This is one of the main objectives of decoration. All objects and furniture in the house, for example, need to be the ideal size (and should be positioned in a certain way) to make everyday life more practical. The best use of the available area, always thinking about leaving free spaces for circulation, avoids many inconveniences.

Reduces stress

Have you noticed how messy places make people more destabilized? An organized, well lit and beautiful environment contributes to reduce the stress levels of the residents. The decoration generates physical comfort and makes the residents more willing to enjoy the rooms of the house.

Encourages natural lighting

Nobody likes to live in the dark. Natural lighting brings life to the environments and it is essential to create strategies to make the most of solar incidence. This is one of the criteria analyzed during the decoration planning.

Improves socialization

Who never stopped inviting their friends to dinner out of shame for the mess? Most people don’t want others to know that the house is extremely disorganized. A well decorated place makes the residents more motivated and comfortable to receive friends and family.

Valuates the property

If the house or apartment is owned, know that improvements, whether in structure or finish, are some of the criteria that value the property. The price increases both for the sale and for the rent, which can be a great advantage in the future.

Decide between hiring or not a professional

Hiring a professional decorator or an interior designer is a possibility, especially for those who don’t have the time or energy to decorate the house. The professional can be admitted for some specific areas or to decorate the whole property. This means that it is possible to adapt the project to your needs and budget.

Learn about decoration trends

Whether or not you hire a decorator, it is interesting to be aware of the trends in the area. As you know, there are no absolute rules when it comes to decorating spaces. They serve to stimulate imagination and creativity, inspiring people to make the best choices for their projects, whether taking advantage of luxury trends or the simplest.


It is essential to choose well tones that will cover the walls of the house. They directly influence the sensations that people will have when entering each environment. In this way, one of the criteria that needs to be considered when choosing color are the activities that will be performed in the room.

Coral – Cream Brulée

Coral indicated as a reference Cream Brulée – a relaxing and inviting caramel tone. The color can also give the idea of revitalization, according to the brand’s specialists, everything depends on the illumination of the environment.

Eucatex – Ancient Spice

The approach with spices, the earth and the spices, were what inspired the choice of Eucatex. Ancient Spice is also one with earthy, which involves mixtures of shades of pink and red. One of the differentials of the tone is that it looks good in indoor and outdoor environments, bringing coziness and refinement to the place.


Sustainability and practicality are some of the words that may summarize the trends for materials.


Both natural and dark wood will be on the rise during the year. The material brings comfort, which is being so sought after in all decoration trends, besides being very beautiful and versatile.


Have you heard about this material? It is the mixture of marble, natural stones, cement and pigments. In the past it was used only for flooring, but now it can appear on bathroom and kitchen countertops, table covers or even being simulated in cushion prints and wallpapers.


Finding out what your favorite style of decorating can help and a lot the moment to decorate the property. This does not mean that you should follow the same model in every room of the house, it is possible to adapt and mix styles so that the final result stays with your personality.


This style of decoration is inspired by the country houses, it takes advantage of imperfect finishes, textures and natural elements. Iron pots, straw sieves and demolition wood are characteristics of houses that follow the trend.


The idea that less is more can also be applied in decoration, is the style that we call minimalism. The minimalist aesthetic, which is clean and organized, transmits the feeling of tranquility and disposition. For this, neutral colors are used and as few objects and furniture as possible.

Curvilinear shapes

Curved shapes are also on the rise. The goal is to use more organic shapes to bring décor closer to the environment, since they are closer to those found in nature. The curves are also softer and more cozy than the straight lines.


The industrial style is ideal for those who want to bring some of the urban charm into the home. The main characteristics of the trend are the spaces, large windows and doors, apparent structures and sophisticated accessories.