Design of curtains in the interior

The design of curtains for the living room, as well as for other rooms of the house, will bring aesthetic pleasure if they are in harmony with the overall interior. In this case, both the look, color and decorations for the curtains are important.

How to match the curtains to the interior of the rooms?

Curtains in the interior of any room should be not only beautiful, but also practical. Protection from the rays of the sun, the light of lanterns, as well as the circulation of air currents, etc. – These are their key functions. Therefore, the choice of curtains is not such a simple matter, as it may seem at first glance.

The following points should be taken into account:

  • A room of small size needs curtains with a transverse contrasting print, which can visually expand the space.
  • Curtains can be by 5-8 cm below the floor or exceed the height of the walls by 15-20 cm.
  • It is better not to drape the partitions on the sides of window apertures. This only “weighs down” the appearance of the room.
  • Light and light fabrics are the best option for draperies in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Chamberiness and comfort will present large rooms with curtains made of dense dark-colored materials.

Choosing the right type of curtains in the right color scheme

The choice of curtains, their color largely depends on the type of rooms and their general interior stylistics. It is recommended to pay attention to their color scheme in the first place. It is also important to remember about the trend trends. Recently, more and more prefer natural shades.

Brown and its shades create a warm and peaceful environment. It is often used in the design of curtains for bedrooms. They are also a great choice for living rooms. Thanks to them there is an atmosphere of relaxation and ease in the room. The room in the classic style is ideally suited to the beige and chocolate range of colors.

All shades of white are used in all interiors. But there are some nuances. Pure white drapes will look perfect in a black and white room. Minimalists also often give preference to white in the design of curtains for the hall. This type of window design gives the room airiness and light.

Turquoise color drapes can emphasize the stylistic direction of the interior and create an atmosphere of celebration. Such curtains can rightly become a highlight in the design of the room. Combinations of basic shades with this strong, original color are welcome. It is more suitable for spacious living rooms.

Lilac, purple, burgundy notes in different interior elements are perfectly combined with gray. In curtains use the classic gray, metallic, pearlescent gray. Metallic is prevalent in the high-tech style.

Some give preference to the black color of curtains for the hall. It looks elegant and luxurious, provided a competent combination with the furniture, walls and floor.

Creative people are indifferent to purple curtains in living room interiors. Shades of purple add mystery and mystery to the room.

Coolness, serenity and peace give curtains in blue and its shades. They are light and do not put pressure on the person. Promote immersion into a world of fantasies.

With the help of yellow curtains, the design of the room gives its occupants warmth, good mood, comfort. Such curtains can become a bright spot on the background of furniture and other interior elements. Goes well with coral and blue colors.

The green palette is associated with natural freshness and harmony. In the room with these curtains reigns tranquility. In addition that the green curtains look great in the window opening, and also contribute to create conditions for relaxation of body and soul.

With a vigorous red color you should be careful. It is possible to visually reduce the area of the room, to create a sense of haste and tension. For a room in which people are planning to rest, it is better not to use it or use it diluted.

It is important to remember about the combination in interiors of the color of curtains with wallpaper.

Styles of curtains

Modern styles use curtains in natural colors, helping to refresh rooms, make them comfortable. Technology makes it possible to create interesting and practical curtains for every taste. For example, the Hi-Tech style emphasizes the contrast of black and white tones. Often curtain rails with an electric mechanism for lifting and sliding the curtains are used.

Classical style curtains are made of velvet, silk, cotton of different colors and mounting types. In the window aperture they look luxurious and rich. The classic with its correct and clear lines never goes out of fashion.

For Provence in light and unpretentious curtains there are rustic motifs in addition to the rococo or classicism. They can be cotton or linen. Optimal is lightweight, but dense fabrics.

Minimalism does not use bright colors and shades. Window openings are mainly decorated with blinds, Japanese and Roman blinds made of bamboo, linen or vines.

Undeniable fact is ecological compatibility and beauty of bamboo blinds. With their help original design solutions for interiors are created. Due to good compatibility with natural materials they can be used in different styles, except for classic and Empire style.

A novelty in the world of curtains Рpliss̩. They are similar to blinds, but to create them use solid fabric canvases or thick paper. They are able to hold their shape well, and provide protection to the room from the bright sunlight.

For curtains, a stylish design solution can afford everyone who follows fashion or just wants to refresh the interior of the house, apartment. Today, one of the popular models are Italian curtains, not sliding completely apart. They are assembled diagonally with the help of rings and cord fixed on the walls.

Roller blinds in designer interiors look no less stylish. In addition, they are very practical.

Also deserve attention blinds. Due to the variety of models, materials, the imagination of the curtain designer has no limit.

The practicality and versatility of Roman blinds for the interior is known to many. They are considered the neatest, most elegant and modern variants of roller blinds. Although they have roots in antiquity, thanks to modern designs and improvements in mechanisms, the control system they can be said to be at the peak of popularity.

Properly chosen curtain sizes allow you to control the microclimate of the room. Each length of curtains has its own pros and cons.