Eco-style in the interior

Natural motifs, soft tones of color, “live” decor will help to create a sense of peace and comfort in the house. This direction of design has a name – eco-style in the interior. By choosing this style, you will forget about the urban bustle that reigns outside the apartment. Your rooms will be filled with those feelings that one experiences when left alone with nature.

Features of interior with eco-design

Eco-style is difficult to confuse with something – so it is original, lively and creative. Vivid signs of the direction:

  • The color scheme of natural shades: beige, brown green, blue, sandy. Bright shouting shades have no place in the eco-style – restraint reigns in this direction.
  • The minimum of eye-catching decor. It’s better to decorate the room with plants, wooden accessories, stone figurines, shells and other gifts of nature.
  • Natural finishing materials: wood, stone, cotton, eco-leather, glass, brick, linen, cotton.
  • Maximize the free space. Do not clutter the room with a large number of objects.
  • Good lighting. During the daytime there should be a lot of natural light in the room. In the evenings you can compensate for the lack of sunlight with table and floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers.

It is ideal if the room has large windows. They do not need to be decorated with luxurious curtains – it is better to choose blinds or Roman blinds. Designers have revealed other secrets of decorating rooms in eco-style.

Who is suitable for the interior in the eco-style

The direction falls to the taste of people who have to spend a lot of time in the bustle of the city. Natural motifs help to stabilize the emotional state and relax.

Ecostyle is often chosen by experimenters. They get tired of abundant decor and gravitate towards austerity. All the more atypical directions of interior design are always at the peak of popularity.

Advantages and disadvantages of repair in eco-style

Everyone who discovers eco-style, falls in love with a combination of freedom and peace. There are objective reasons for this:

  • Positive effect on the mood. Muted natural tones, restrained decor, free space – factors that give a feeling of relaxation.
  • Safe materials. The rooms will always have a wonderful microclimate, because the finish is natural, which means no toxic substances.
  • The opportunity to experiment. You can dilute the decor in the eco style with exclusive elements, which surely do not have anyone else.

The eco style has conditional disadvantages. Here are three major ones:

  • Difficulties with cleaning. Eco materials need proper and regular care. It is necessary to carefully wipe dust from plants, wood and stone surfaces.
  • The need to hide appliances. If your apartment is decorated in an eco-style, you need to hide appliances as much as possible: build in, place in inconspicuous places, decorate.
  • The high cost of materials. Natural cannot be cheap. It is not necessary to create a design project in the style of millions, but too budget solutions are not suitable.

Materials and decor for eco-style rooms

Ecodesign will look organic, if all interior elements fit together, like pieces of a puzzle. Let’s figure out which items can be used, and which it is better not to buy.

Nature in the interior

Ecostyle – a direction where special attention is paid to materials. We offer options:

  • Wood. It is better to use natural wood in finishing. Natural patterns look more beautiful than prints, which in the direction of eco is absolutely inappropriate.
  • Glass. This material is suitable as an auxiliary material. Room dividers and shelves made of glass look great in the rooms.
  • Stone. Granite and marble tiles are suitable for finishing the floor and walls.
  • Leather. The material looks great on furniture as upholstery. But it can also be used to decorate walls. Wall panels upholstered in leather look stylish and understated.
  • Fabrics. Designers are not fond of textiles when decorating the natural interior. If you want to place cushions on sofas or hang curtains on windows, choose products made of linen or cotton.
  • Metal. The use of this material should be minimized. However, it has a right to be present in the form of auxiliary decorative elements.

For the design of the apartment in the style of categorically not suitable plastic. And not just because it is a synthetic material. Plastic interior decor cheapens the decor and violates the canons of style.

Decorative elements

The best decor is indoor plants. The more greenery in the room, the more organic the design looks. The “living” wall looks amazing. It is a construction of small stone modules, in which grass or mini-bushes are planted. From afar, such a wall seems solid – cells with plantings are almost invisible.

A budget alternative to the “live” wall is a realistic photo wallpaper in eco-style. Ideas for images: forest, grass, trees, water bodies, mountains. The more realistic the picture, the more organic it will look in the eco-style.

On shelves and racks you can put wooden or stone figures. The decor made of natural materials by your own hands looks good.

Wall compositions made of sawn wood, mirrors in wooden frames are characteristic of eco-style. Colored posters and paintings are rarely used to decorate rooms.

Recommendations from designers to create a unique eco-style

If you love nature, then recreate its atmosphere in your home will not be difficult. Help tips from designers:

  • Do not combine eco direction with others. Adding elements from other styles, you risk breaking trends. The beauty of natural d├ęcor is just in its originality.
  • Think about the textures of furniture and decor. Smooth lines are very welcome.
  • Do not overload the interior with decor, even if you have a lot of suitable details. In minimalist styles excessive filling of rooms is considered mauvais ton.
  • Make the room so that it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable to live in.