Ideas for decorating a large room

Decorating a large room can be a very entertaining activity that you will enjoy if you like interior decoration and everything related to home in general. But, are you clear on how you are going to do it?

Keep the following tips and ideas in mind, the ones that work best in your living room and with your style.

Decorating a large room

The starting point is planning to be able to decide. Decide on what style you want for your salon, how you want to distribute the space… Do you prefer it modern or classic? How clear and functional do you want the space to be?

A tip: take a paper and pencil (or go digital if you prefer) and outline what you would like your room to have. For inspiration you can take a look at networks like Pinterest or Instagram, but also check out blogs or decoration magazines, and look at the decorated environments.

It is a way to create your own style, according to your tastes and needs, based directly on the space and particularities of your room.

Decorate large modern living room

All styles have a place in different homes: the industrial style, the Nordic style, japandi, combination of styles, classic decorative style… Even the most daring people mix several decorative styles in the same room, and the result is what is called eclectic style. If you have a clear tendency towards modern styles, you can opt for a minimalist decoration or a Nordic style. It depends on your preferences.

But if you’re looking for something modern, we also recommend that you value industrial style. Although the color black is very characteristic of the industrial style, there are alternatives such as the cement effect, which also get a characteristic style.

Decorating a large room with little furniture

If you opt for a few pieces of furniture you may go in line with minimalist tastes, although you can opt for a few pieces of furniture but with a somewhat more complex aesthetic, since the minimalist style is very sober.
The minimalist style focuses on having few objects, but also on choosing them with straight lines and neutral or clear colors. White is one of the star colors of this style.

Decorate large living room with fireplace

Did you know that there are several types of fireplaces? We tell you which ones exist so that you can get to know the different possibilities you have to integrate one into your home.

You can choose between different types of fireplaces:

  • Wood fireplace
  • Gas
  • Bioethanol
  • Electric (the flame is decorative)

Depending on the energy system used, each one decorates or heats the place differently.

The gas, bioethanol and electric ones allow integrated designs in very modern walls. However, they lose the charm of the crackling of the wood. On the other hand, they allow you to forget about cleaning the ashes and storing firewood.

The electric ones are the most focused on decoration. And those of firewood in insert or cassette are those that more make profitable the heat, most recommended for great spaces, followed of those of gas.

Ideas for decorating large rooms

Decorate a large room by creating several areas and enjoy it twice as much. In a large room you can create more areas to enjoy.

Multimedia. You can create a space in which to enjoy movies and series, but also music. Recommended elements: TV furniture, electronic devices, sofa, carpet, headphones.

To share. A space in which to share ideas or talk. Recommended elements: sofas, chairs, coffee tables, cushions, blankets.

To have a drink or a meal. It depends on the purpose you want to give to the room, but you can also take advantage of it to have a place to eat, have dinner or have a snack. Recommended: table, chair, buffet furniture with wheels.

Play area. Both for adults and children. Moreover, you can have several storage options to keep the games and toys of each other. Highly recommended: poufs, carpets, cushions, trunks, auxiliary cabinets, coffee table or dining table.

Reading space. Enjoy your favorite novels or learning books. Evade through stories or learn from your courses, studies or training while reading. We recommend having: lamps (lighting), sofa, armchair, footrest, cushions, blankets, coffee table.

Study/work area. Take advantage and enjoy a work/study area in your living room. It is one more excuse to decorate another space and have a very functional place. Especially recommended: extendable desks, chairs, lamp, plants, stationery accessories, a plug close to connect electronic devices.

Advantages and possibilities when decorating a large room

  • You can have several functional areas
  • Enjoy an open space: more light and freedom of movement
  • Wide walls on which to put colorful wallpapers, painting compositions or plates
  • Use floor and wall coverings, or elements such as carpets, to generate continuity between spaces or separate them from each other
  • Place large lamps
  • Choosing colorful plants
  • Avoid putting obstacles to the natural light coming through the windows
  • You can use large, long curtains
  • Install a large library

After seeing decorative styles you can draw inspiration from to decorate your room, and seeing what kind of areas you can create to make more decorative and functional use of a large room, what would you like to incorporate or update in your home?