Properties of Hemp Seeds

Hemp is known for its multiple health properties. The THC level is very low, so it has no psychoactive effects. Hemp seed or hemp seed belongs to the plant of the Hemp Sativa species. It can be consumed raw, roasted, or as a by-product to make hemp seed oil, milk, or cheese substitutes.

Hemp seeds: properties

Hemp seeds are known for their wide range of health benefits. They are considered a superfood and more and more people are adding them to their healthy diets. We want you to know all its properties and how to contribute to your health with the consumption of hemp seeds. In The Hemp Network we tell you about it:

Essential Amino Acids

The human body is not able to synthesize amino acids and it is necessary to consume them through food. Hemp seeds contain the necessary amount of amino acids that the body requires for digestion, the brain, and muscles.


23% of its composition is protein. Its contribution is necessary for cellular function and maintenance, and that is why it is essential to consume protein as part of your diet. By consuming hemp seeds in the daily diet, we provide a sufficient dose for cellular development. This amount is higher than the rest of the vegetable sources, only below soybeans. It has 32% protein and nitric oxide, which prevents cardiovascular diseases.


It is ideal for people who suffer from constipation or gastrointestinal problems. As everyone knows, fiber is satiating and a great cooperator in the regulation of intestinal function.


One of its important properties is its high vitamin C and E content. They act as a powerful antioxidant that fights the deterioration caused by free radicals, which cause a number of diseases. They also strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of infections and common colds.


All these properties provide a host of health benefits. These are:

Improves cognitive health.

Prevents oxidative damage and inflammation of nerve cells. Improves cognitive capacity such as memory, and learning, and helps in the treatment of different neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to find great information, check out Hemponix to learn more.

Lowers blood pressure

Potassium increases renal excretion of sodium through urine, helping to lower blood pressure.

Helps treat acne

They possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory properties, which act by decreasing inflammation and sebum formation in the skin.

Prevents diabetes

The amount of fiber has helped to slow the rate of absorption of sugar present in food, thus regulating blood glucose levels.

The seeds are versatile and can be added to all types of food to increase their nutritional value. They can be purchased in natural stores, where you can find their different presentations as shelled, shelled, or roasted seeds, ready for your daily diet!